The pyramid of food in 2016: Changes in dietary

Since the last pyramid of food in 2004, there arose on the basis of recent scientific research into the effect of a new dietary nutrient on health. This opinion is translated by the Nutrition Center at the Pyramid in 2016 for consumers. Here are some changes in layout and product recommendations contained in comparison to the previous disc to ensure better health.

kid pyramid

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Fitness for healthy life: advices for overweight women

Not easy to take up a sport when you are overweight, (especially after you have given birth) afraid of the gaze of others, have the fear of pain, and the idea that sport is not for overweight people … think again ladies, even round people have the opportunity to play sports, simply to find suitable activities. No more excuses, time for fitness has come!

Doctors usually recommend the regular exercise of about 30 minutes of brisk walking per day or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity per week. Zumba, aqua biking, walking, cycling, etc. the door of the sports world is wide open to you. Before starting any physical activity, consult your doctor. Overweight people are prone to health problems and articulation. Ask your doctor with any sport you start and how fast.

 Attention to sports “in shock”

It is well known that overweight does not mix well with the joints. It must, therefore, be protected to the maximum. Jogging, step, rope jumping … All physical activities that involve jumps and bumps are ground to forget when one is overweight.

To get back in shape, it should be favored soft activities that do not damage the joints, and not create any trauma. Over the progress, the range of sports opportunities will gradually widen.

Select a suitable sport that you like

The success of any fitness is MOTIVATION! If you attack too brutal a sport that does not necessarily please you because you heard that it is great things, then you’ll quickly get tired.

Do not panic or rush, take the time to learn and try different activities. When you understand what you like and you should, you will make your fitness sessions with pleasure and you will hold over time.

Start slowly, but surely.

Seated exercises about 320 kcal per hour (for a woman of 90 kg)


If you are very overweight, start with sitting exercises rather than embark immediately in a standard practice that will be difficult to sustain in the long term. For example, sitting a chair, you can perform a series of the arm raised, legs, squats. Also, think about all the little fitness accessories that can serve you and motivate you in your exercises:

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How to install lights in your living room?



You have chosen to install spotlights in your living room? Here are some key elements to decide you are not wrong.

The arrangement and the number of spots in this part of essential life which is the living room depend on its size and height under ceiling available. And to obtain a homogeneous illumination of 300 lux per square meter through your spots, you should also determine the number and spacing.

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5 rules in decorating your living room

Here are our five essential tips to properly build and decorate a practice area – friendly living room

Arranging seating is not always as easy as you think. As a multipurpose room in the heart of the house, the living room takes a little thinking. For starters, here are some key elements to be respected.

Start by placing the sofa


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First steps to regain strength and shape after giving birth

After giving birth, the body of a young mother has changed, it is inevitably different. The important thing then is to reshape a silhouette in which we feel good and recover the energy that helps to better your health in this new stage.

Refuel energy

We all know that a lighter food program involves in consuming less fat and sugars. Moreover, these foods provide protein and vitamins. More than diet, the idea is to feel better about your body and regain your flexibility.

Preparation and cooking, play the card of lightness. Opt for cooking in foil and steam. Banish sauces and fries. Do not add oil, no butter, no cream your roasts, poultry, fish and vegetables. To give flavor to your dishes, limit the salt but think of spices.


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16 Secrets to a beautiful skin

16 Secrets to a beautiful skin

1. Let’s start with a sport

This will generate hormones that can help you feel good about your body. It’s also a great de-stressing. But remember to moisturize after your workout because you sweat a lot and this causes water loss can cause dehydration.

2. Minimizes alcohol

We know alcohol is bad for all. And besides, it gives the impression of being tired because it is primarily an exciting. When is limited to one drink occasionally, it is advised to drink a glass of water next to rehydrate the body and skin.

3. Eliminate cigarette

Otherwise, you gray your skin. So next time, think twice. Not to mention the smell that incriste into the pores of your skin! In addition, smoking reveals wrinkles, especially around the eye area as well as the lips.

4. Avoid sun exposure

Repeated exposures favor the appearance of wrinkles. In this case, it is possible to use SUN OLEDs (small-cap capsule). It will offer a sublimated pigmentation in addition to anti-oxidant effect, but also maximum hydration and tone and more.

5. Healthy and balanced eating

Do not forget to eat fruits and seasonal vegetables because they contain vitamins A, B, and C. Vitamin A is useful to sight, youth and skin. This is in addition the best for wrinkle. So consume without moderation. In addition, vegetables such as carrots or some fruit like melon for example are naturally rich in vitamin C and carotene that facilitates tanning. So feel free to use alcohol to have a nice tanned complexion from the first rays of sunshine.

7. Limit stress 

This one is our real enemy. It attacks both in and outside our body (our skin). And then there’s everyone who says “bah, you do not look well. You got problems?” I do not know about you but I know that your condition is not good.

8. Protect your skin even in winter

This is not because it is winter that you overexpose your skin under the sun. Even if we do not realize the toxic sun-light is definitely there. So a day cream is anticipated.



9. Do not forget to clean eye make-up

For removing eyes make-up, we take a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover and made a move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and not otherwise. We return to the starting point and start again. For the face, it takes a cleansing milk hazelnut adapted to our skin then makes rotating movements from bottom to top of the face. Finally, rinsed with water then placed a toner.

10. Massage daily

It also has the right to your fifteen minutes of massage. Then strums, we make stroking, pinching (it will help remove excess sebum). Always upwards without forgetting the neck. This gym has a stimulating effect and will reduce the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.


11. It is imperative to find your good cream

For the day cream, ask for help from a counselor in perfumery or institute. She will guide you to find THE cream suitable for your skin by touching your epidermis (outer layer of skin). When you have found, do not change more.

12. Hygiene daily

That is to say morning and night with a flawless milk cleanser followed by a toner. And in the evening we start again. Then, it is believed to follow the application of a night cream for cell renewal while you sleep. Not to mention the day, the day care cream (special oily skin, combination or dry) to protect against multiple aggressions encountered throughout the day (pollution, microbes …)

13. Consume zinc

Zinc is ideal for healthy skin. It is in the wheat germ, brewer’s yeast (in flake form in health food stores and supermarkets), seafood, liver, eggs and milk.

14. A course of supplements

You can also make food supplements cure for the skin for two months to improve the texture of the Interior (Oenobiol). There are also beautiful skin special infusions (in supermarkets). You can abuse the infusions because it is only harmless to the body.

15. Use products that adapt to your nature skin

Even if you find yourself stranded, it is not a reason to bite cream for oily skin girl while one has dry skin. Big mistake. In this case, nothing to much or if you have dry skin, I advise you to apply olive oil. It has a moisturizing and protecting the epidermis.

16. Maximum hydrate

Of course water, but also tea because it contains Tantin (which colors the skin). It is advisable to drink at least 1.5L daily. It is best to choose a mineralized water, enriched in magnesium.

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Portable Massage Table Buying Guides

The huge advancement in technology leads to the better health treatments for serving the needs and demands of people. In the modern life, patients don’t have to lie on the floor but could enjoy numerous benefits from the portable massage table. Not all people could go out for the massage therapy. In this case, the portable massage table is very awesome owning to big convenience of carrying and storing. However, don’t make a mistake that the portable massage table is less efficient. In fact, it is made from high-quality woods, aluminum and fibers for boosting the maximum level of comfort. They enhance the surprising stability to withstand different pressure conditions. There are a great number of massage models available on the market. Therefore, consider carefully to select the best portable massage table among tons of purchasing options.

massage table

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What is The Best Trampoline Size for Kids?

People often have to consider many important factors before purchasing a trampoline. They might come from shapes, sizes, functions, prices, etc…Especially, if you intend buying a trampoline for kids, one of the first priorities is safety. Size is also a challenge for people who haven’t had the experience in purchasing a trampoline before. There are numerous trampoline models available on the market. Therefore, be a smart purchaser in selecting the best trampoline for kids which can last for years.

choosing the right size of trampoline

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Guide Directories: Install and Using a Whole House Humidifier

Unlike the portable humidifier that is used for private room, the whole house humidifier adds humidity to your entire house by installing directly to your home’s central heating and cooling system. They work like room humidifiers to keep comfortable level of moisture in the air which is good for your respiratory health. The major difference is that whole house humidifiers needn’t be carried, after being installed you can forget about it. So the important thing you need to know is how to install and how to use it in right way to keep it works well and maintain it as long as you can.

Whole House warm mist and cool mist humidifier

How to Use

As mentioned above, after you buy and install a whole house humidifier, you do not need to concern about using it. such a convenient feature, isn’t it? You do not have to fill in the empty water tank or clean regularly. It is integrated into the blower system on your furnace, drawing water directly from water supply. You only need to set the humidity level, check it once in a while and replace the broken parts. Maintenance of whole house humidifiers is easy and infrequent, requiring just once or twice a year.

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4 Reasons Why an Electric Fireplace TV Stand is Perfect for Your Living Room

Any room in a house is important because it serves a distinctive purpose. However, when it comes to decorating your house, one room must stand out in your mind because it is the place where you want to impress other people the most. Yes, it is the living room where you welcome and entertain your guests. A living room tells the guests a lot about its owner’s personality; therefore people normal put a lot of effort in arranging and decorating it.  There are many benefits that an electric fireplace TV stand can bring; here we want to focus on reasons why it is an ideal choice for the supplementary heating source and decoration for the living room:


1. It brings great aesthetic value

As we can already tell from its name, an electric fireplace TV stand can both be used as a heating appliance and a TV stand. However, it is not an ordinary TV stand. The lively flame and flicking make the electric fireplace look so real and visually appealing at the same time. It the type of TV stand where you can relax nearby to enjoy the warmth after a working day or find joy just by looking at the dancing flame. The comfort and ambience it brings are far more superior to any boring TV stand.

Any room in general and a living room in particular all needs at least one or two accent pieces to make it shine – this is exactly what an electric TV stand can do. Practical, dynamic and beautiful, it can easily become the center of attention in a living room

There is a wide range of electric fireplace TV stands available, from modern to traditional designs. There are three main styles for you to choose from:

  • Traditional: classic firework design with cabinet space and a flat upper surface; normally made of woods.
  • Contemporary: stylish design with a firebox; normally made of glass or metals;
  • Corner unit: designed to fit at the room’s corner with various shapes and sizes; available for both classic and stylish designs.

Whatever your requirement is, you can always find one to add beauty to your living room and harmonize with other furniture and decorative items.

2. It saves space

Usually there are a lot of things going on in the living room. You need space and furniture to treat your guests with some delicious coffee; you need a TV where everyone can gather to watch and discuss news. There can be some book shelves to show off your collection or even a pool table or small bar for entertaining your guests. A living room can serve multiple purposes; therefore you really floor space to be able to store and display enough stuff for your living. Space-serving and multipurpose items like ottomans or electric fireplace TV stands have become very trendy these days due to this reason.

An electric firework TV stand provides heating, decoration and storage in one single unit; therefore it is an ideal space server.   Also, because no wood burning is required, you don’t need storage for wood in your house anymore.

3. It is safe and eco-friendly

Nowadays, people are much more conscious about environment protection. Eco-friendly items are more sought after even if they cost more. Being environmentally conscious also benefits people’s health.

If any member in your family or any guest has allergy, using a traditional fireplace as the heating source is a not a good idea. Using an air con can result in drying you skin.

With an electric fireplace TV stand, it is safer and more eco –friendly. It is time you say goodbye to chimneys and wood burning. No more smokes that can cause illness and inflammation. No worry about polluting the environment. No more gas leak. And when you leave the appliance unattended to do other business, you can be at ease knowing that no overheating will occur. The safety circuit will automatically shut the appliance down.

In addition, since the electric fireplace is cool to the touch, you can let your children play around it.

In a nutshell, you keep the living room safe and sound for everyone.

4. It is convenient

Imagine you are in the middle of a conversation and your guest wants you to increase the temperature. It is really just a piece of case: you can easily adjust the temperature with the remote control without having to come close to the fireplace and bending down.

Using an electric fireplace TV stand is a win-win solution. You can enjoy the benefits it brings without worrying about harmful side effects for your health and the environment. Try one in your living room and you will grow fond of it sooner than you expect.

Read more about other type of Electric Fireplace http://bestelectricfireplaces.net/

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